“Yo Nicki, I Want All The Shine… Hit The Road.”

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Nicki Minaj came out and told her side of the feud she and Mariah Carey had on American Idol during her show on E! called “Nicki Minaj: The Truth.”

Nicki said, “She’s admitted she did not want another female doing the show…She didn’t want someone stealing her shine.”

Nicki then explained about what happened during the fight that was filmed for auditions on American Idol: “Twenty minutes before that happened she egged me on. I just know that I had reached my boiling point.” Nicki then told Mariah, “I had to make it clear that if you do this again, I’m going to do this again.”

Nicki was always furious because Barbara Walters went on The View and took Mariah’s side. Nicki then asked, “Am I not good enough for you to get my side because I’m a little black girl that raps? “If I was J-Lo you would have called J-Lo’s camp – so are we not good enough for you?”

I feel bad for Nicki! Mariah seems to be a big mean bully and needs to chill… or get punched in the face… Hey, I’d pay to see it!


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