AMP Party Girl: Things We Learned From The 2013 Grammys!

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(Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

(Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

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listenlive listicle AMP Party Girl: Things We Learned From The 2013 Grammys!

- Rihanna makes a lot money, but not enough to buy a bra…

Taylor Swift, babygirl… I wish I never ever, ever have to hear you again. You aren’t the same girl I used to love, cough, man-eater.

Chris Brown was obviously mad Frank Ocean took the award for “Best Urban Contemporary Album.” He showed his anger when didn’t stand up to clap… we learned he is still a big huge… use your imagination ;)

LL Cool J not only loves to tweet but is a famous rapper.

Wiz Khalifa proves you can have a neck tattoo without hitting a girl.

Adele is confident… enough to be okay with looking like a flower bush at the Grammys.

– Hey if you can’t really sing there is always a thing called Auto-Tune!

hehehe ;)


Amp Party Girl

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