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Ke$ha Loves All Her Animals, Even Roadkill

Ke$ha has always been know for her outlandish sense of style both on stage and on the red carpet. She has also been a very outspoken supporter of animal rights recently being named Humane Society International’s first Global Ambassadorfor animals. The pop star found a strange way to merge her love for fashion without harming animals: roadkill.

In an interview with 99.7 [NOW!]/San Francisco, the singer declared, “I wear pieces of roadkill. Yeah I do.”

A bit strange for an animal rights activist and self-professed cat lady, but Ke$ha explained, “I like wearing different kinds of bones and feathers but I never want to hurt the animals.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Ke$ha rationalized her professed predilection for roadkill by putting herself on the same level.

“If I were hit by a car then I would want..somebody to wear me.”

On a more serious note, Ke$ha’s website currently offers support to World Spay Day, coming on February 26 and a chance to have your pet participate in a related Pet Pageant sponsored by the Humane Society. Ke$ha’s album Warrior is out now on RCA Records.

-Bradford Hornsby, 99.7 [NOW!]/San Francisco


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