Selena Gomez Joins TJ and Loren Live in the AMP Studio! [VIDEO]

Matt Dolloff / 103.3 AMP Radio
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Pop superstar Selena Gomez joined the TJ Show live in the AMP side studio Friday morning for a chat with TJ and Loren.

They talked about a variety of topics, including Selena’s place at #2 on Maxim’s Hot 100 list. She finished behind #1 pick Miley Cyrus, whom TJ is convinced had the list rigged somehow.

“Well, I think she’s beautiful,” Selena said about Miley.

TJ also had a hypothetical question for Selena about a certain someone they weren’t allowed to mention, who may have broken up with another certain someone and began dating Victoria’s Secret models. Would Selena ever take a peek at those girls just to compare herself?

“No, I think that would be torturous to myself…That’s so not worth my energy,” she said with a laugh.

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