Want To Keep Getting News & Stories From Us On Facebook? Here’s How

Facebook announced last week that it was changing its news feed (again), putting a higher priority on posts from friends and family and more tailored selections from media outlets.

This isn’t the first time Facebook has adjusted its news feed algorithm. Facebook regularly updates the algorithm that decides what posts users see. How much users interact with the posts help influence the changes.

But how can you make sure you’re still getting content from your favorite media outlets? Here’s how to do it:

Go to the Facebook page of any publication you want to regularly see in your news feed, like us, 103.3 AMP Radio. Make sure the box marked “Like” is checked. That means you’re following our page.


If you’re on a desktop, hover over the downward facing arrow on the Liked button. A drop down menu will appear. If you’re on your phone, tap the “Following” button for a similar menu.


If you’re on your desktop, you should see a “In Your News Feed” drop down, which is probably already set to “default.” This means that anything you see from 103.3 AMP Radio’s Facebook page will be determined by Facebook’s algorithm. It’s based on how often you interact with the posts on our page already.

If you want to see everything 103.3 AMP Radio posts, click the “See First” option.

Want to dig a little deeper? Click on the tiny pencil button to the right of “In Your News Feed”, and you’ll see more options. This gives you the ability to be notified with a pop-up Facebook notifications when Mix 104.1 posts specific types of content, like links, photos or video.

The End!

Now, if you want, you’ll see every post from 103.3 AMP Radio. This will also work with any other news or media outlet you follow.


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