Loren’s LoDown: 7/11/16

Secret Life of Pets Sets Box Office Record
Disney’s Secret Life of Pets opened this weekend and set a box office record for the highest opening weekend ever for an original animated film. It brought in over $103M, which is $13M more than the previous titleholder, Inside Out, which came out last year.

You Can Meet the Rock
The Rock is giving you a chance to meet him – and all you have to do is record your very own epic wrestling promo. Eventually it’ll be narrowed down to two contestants who have to perform their promo live for the Rock and other famous wrestlers – and if you’re the winner, you get a belt and $2,000. Enter at RockThePromo.com

Ghostbusters Reviews: Not Too Bad
The critic reviews for Ghostbusters are in – and they’re pretty decent, it has a 79% on Rotten Tomatoes (as of right now). Most agree that it’s funny, though nothing too innovative compared to the original. However, almost every critic has agreed that the women are great, and Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon is the real breakout showstopper. Ghostbusters hits theaters Friday with some early releases Thursday.

Adele Asks Hotel to Get her Pizza 70 Miles Away
A tabloid is reporting that Adele asked her hotel staff to pick up pizza for her from her favorite pizza place – 70 miles away. But by the time the staff made it there and back, she was asleep.

Drake and Rihanna Honor Fan who Passed
Drake and Rihanna took to social media this weekend to honor a huge fan of theirs who lost her battle with cancer. Megan was a huge fan of Drake’s, and Drake introduced her to Rihanna – and Rihanna took such a liking to her that she used to DM her often to see how she was doing. Drake was so impressed with Megan that he actually dedicated his album Views to her and said he prayed for her well-being every day.

Justin Timberlake Hooked up with Britney Spears?
A blind item is claiming that Justin Timberlake reportedly cheated on his wife Jessica Biel and met up with Britney Spears when he was in Vegas. Amazing. I’m sure this is BS but how ridiculous if true.

Maine Man Professes Love for Taylor Swift
A man drove from Maine to Taylor Swift’s house in Rhode Island to profess his love for her – just days after he whipped it out for passing motorists in Maine. He was arrested and taken for evaluation.

Meghan Trainor Performs with BSB
Meghan Trainor got to perform with the Backstreet Boys, her longtime crushes, last week in case you missed it. This is them singing I Want It That Way on the show Greatest Hits.

Katy Perry Lint Rolls her Face
In case you’re wondering how Katy Perry gets glitter off of her face at the end of her performances – she explained it on Twitter.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Mistaken for Metallica
The RHCP were traveling in Belarus when customs officials pulled them aside and asked them to sign a bunch of Metallica stuff. And they were like, we’re RHCP not Metallica, and no one would listen to them, so they just signed it anyway. HA!

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