Loren’s LoDown: Mon 7/25/16

Ben Affleck Surprises Fans at Comic Con
Ben Affleck surprised fans at Comic Con this weekend… and he himself geeked out quite a bit. While on stage, he took out his phone to take a video and the crowd started cheering… he said it was a cool moment for him.

Brie Larson is Marvel’s First Female Title Character
It was announced this weekend that Oscar winner Brie Larson will be playing Captain Marvel in the upcoming film, marking the first time that a woman will play the title role in a a Marvel studios movie. It’s due out in March of 2019.

Ariana Grande Not Allowed to Perform at White House
Thanks to some leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee, we found out that Ariana Grande was supposed to perform at the White House… but wasn’t allowed because of that leaked video where she licked a donut and said she hated America. Apparently the people at the White House who vet guests said that the video was creating controversy because a member of the Republican party was using the video to create controversy, and the White House didn’t want to deal with any of that.

Calvin Harris Spotted with Kim K
Calvin Harris was spotted hanging out with Kim Karadshian at JLo’s birthday party this weekend – which is leading a lot of people to wonder if the two were chatting about Taylor Swift. Jennifer Lopez turned 47 yesterday. What a jerk. She looks AMAZING and I am JEALOUS!🙂

Selena Gomez Almost Breaks Down, Writes Sad Social Post
Selena Gomez worried some fans this weekend, she was performing and almost broke down. Then she posted a very cryptic message on social media the day after her 24th birthday. She said she is feeling disconnected and unauthentic, adding “I need to rethink some areas of my life creatively and personally.”

Pregnant (?) Lindsay Lohan Accuses Fiance of Strangling Her
Just when we thought Lindsay Lohan might be calming down – she pulls through yet again with the drama. She posted a ton of social media posts this weekend, accusing her fiance of cheating on her. She said that he didn’t come home, and that he was with a lady of the night, if you will… she claimed that she herself was pregnant, too. Well – we found out later that before she posted all that stuff, she was on the balcony of her house, screaming and waking up her neighborhood, accusing her fiancé of strangling her. She apparently screamed out her address, and her neighbors sent the cops over – but once they busted in the door, they found no one left in the house.

Rihanna Joining Bates Motel Cast
Rihanna is joining the cast of Bates Motel on A&E. She’ll be playing Marion Crane, the woman who gets stabbed in the shower in Psycho – though the producer made it clear that the show will not follow the movie exactly.

Pokemon Go Permeating Concerts
Pokemon Go is invading concerts now. Rihanna called out a fan from stage when she saw them playing, and a fan freaked out when they saw someone playing at Beyonce’s concert. HA!

Sigourney Weaver Hints at Aliens Sequel
Good news for Aliens fans. Sigourney Weaver told the crowd at Comic Con that she’s confident she will be reprising her role in a sequel. No other details have been announced.

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