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TJ's Podcast Thurs 3/30/17: Luna Got Attacked by a DogLuna got attacked by another dog, the computer that plays AMP's music broke, TJ talks with more listeners, TJ's Street Match game, Morgan James is coming next week, Bootleg Band game and WBZ News Radio's Joe Mathieu calls in.
TJ's Podcast Weds 3/29/17: Carter & his Sister Chat about Sibling RivalriesTantrum Wednesday with Charlee Jane, Carter and his sister chat about sibling fights, gross people in your family, FBI interrogation questions, WBZ News Radio's Joe Mathieu calls in & Loren picked up her wedding dress.
TJ's Podcast 3/28/17: Tantrum Tuesday at DisneylandTantrum Tuesday with Charlee Jane, Therapy with Judah, how does your dog show it's upset, TJ was saved by his glasses, Loren's LoDown, WBZ News Radio's Joe Mathieu calls in and Corinne gets some love.
TJ's Podcast Mon 3/27/17: Producer Matt's Bar StarsProducer Matt's Bar Stars, Totally Drama or Totally Made Up, rooting against relationships, TJ was alone this weekend, TJ's Street match game and WBZ News Radio's Joe Mathieu is back.
TJ's Podcast Fri 3/24/17: Producer Matt's Poems for StrangersProducer Matt makes poems for strangers, Jess & Charlee are going to Disney Land and TJ's Street Match game.

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