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Santa TJ 2016: Joan's HeadphonesSanta TJ and his elves, Loren and Producer Matt, surprise Joan while she's shopping at Best Buy.
TJ's Podcast 12/9/16: Loren's Boyfriend Spills AllSanta TJ buys headphones for Joan's boyfriend, Loren's boyfriend Matt answers questions about her, listener Sheri stole an AMP Radio pen, giraffes are going extinct, how lazy are you, TJ's Street Match game and Corinne is in for Vanessa today.
Loren's LoDown 12/9/16: Louis Tomlinson's Mom Passes AwayLoren's LoDown: Louis Tomlinson's mother passed away, Taylor Swift & Zayn drop new music and Kanye West steps out for the first time since his hospitalization.
Loren's Badass Chick: Lynn MargherioLoren highlights this week's Badass Chick, Lynn Margherio, founder and CEO of Cradles to Crayons.
Corinne Gets Asked on a DateCorinne gets her dating life sorted out on air thanks to TJ. Ha.
TJ's Podcast 12/8/16: TJ's Friend had a BabyTJ's friend Edgar had a baby, Corinne gets asked on a date, TJ's Street Match game, the dumbest prank ever, Totally Drama or Totally Made Up game, WBZ News Radio's Joe Mathieu calls the show and Santa calls Carter.
Loren's LoDown 12/8/16: Britney Extending Vegas Residency?Loren's LoDown: Britney might be extending her Vegas residency, Jennifer Hudson slays Hairspray Live and Johnny Depp is Hollywood's most overpaid actor.
Loren's LoDown 12/7/16: Trump Named Person of the YearLoren's LoDown: President-Elect Trump is named Time's Person of the Year, Sesame Street shouts out John Legend's daughter and Gaga writes an open letter about living with PTSD.
Santa TJ 2016: Surprising Jo at TJ MaxxSanta TJ and his elves, Loren and Producer Matt, surprise Jo at TJ Maxx.
TJ's Podcast 12/7/16: Charlee Made Fun of TJ's MomSanta TJ, Charlee made fun of TJ's mom, TJ's Street Match game, Producer Matt is allergic to peanuts and Corinne stops by the show.
Tantrum Tuesday: Charlee's Car SeatTJ's daughter Charlee threw a tantrum about her car seat.
TJ's Podcast 12/6/16: Electric Bounce House RecapTantrum Tuesday with Charlee Jane, Therapy with Judah, stolen inventions, TJ's Street Match game and a recap of Electronic Bounce House.

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