AMP’s Free Tickets On The :10s!


AMP Has Your Tickets To This Summer’s Hottest Shows!

Last year, nobody hooked you up with more tickets to the summer’s hottest shows, than 103.3 AMP Radio! And this year… we’re doing it again!

It’s AMP Radio’s FREE TICKETS ON THE :10s! Listen every day at :10 past each hour starting at 8:10am-5:10pm on weekdays and 10:10am-7:10pm on weekends to score your FREE TICKETS to the BIGGEST SHOWS coming to Boston this summer!

We’re blowing out tickets for Kanye, Drake, Fifth Harmony, Pitbull, Wiz Khalifa, and more! Plus tickets to see the summers biggest movies and events!

Set an Alert on your phone for 10 after… All day, EVERY DAY, only from the station playing New Hit Music with Fewer Commercials, 103.3 AMP Radio!

Upcoming FREE TICKETS on the :10s

Thursday 8/4 – Kanye
Friday 8/5 – Drake
Saturday 8/6 – Pitbull
Sunday 8/7 – Pitbull
Monday 8/8 – Drake
Tuesday 8/9 – Drake
Wednesday 8/10 – Drake
Thursday 8/11 – Pitbull
Friday 8/12 – Pitbull

Number to Call: 617-931-1033

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