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Study: Half Of Women Say They’re Dating 5’s Or Less

There’s a new survey out of Britain that asked women over there to rate their boyfriends on a scale of 1 to 10.


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The 3 Biggest Songs Of The Summer Of 2015 On 103.3 AMP Radio

Three songs that captured the essence of hit music for the Summer of 2015. We sat down with AMP Radio music director and afternoon DJ, Joe Breezy to get his take on the top songs of the season.


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#Trending: Drunk Friend Rides The Escalator To Nowhere

What this guy did to his drunk friend is so simple, it’s brilliant. He filmed him going up an escalator that wasn’t actually working.


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Natalie La Rose’s Story of Meeting Flo Rida Will Blow Your Mind [VIDEO]

Natalie La Rose was a special guest at AMP Live at Venu in Downtown Boston Thursday night, but first took some time backstage to chat with Joe Breezy! Her story about meeting Flo Rida and getting her big break will blow your mind



#Obsessed: In Another Adorable Animal Video, a Dog Plays a Piano Waltz

Can you ever watch too many cute animal videos? Here’s another musically-inclined pet.



Too Cute: Videos Of Animals Playing Musical Instruments

Ready, set…”awww!” These pets are so adorable, and talented!


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Never Too Old To Twerk

These old folks have better moves than we do! Watch 6 videos of awesome old people dancing who just DGAF.



Backstage at Birthday Bash with Austin Mahone

Austin Mahone joined us for our free Birthday Bash concert at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, and he took a few minutes backstage to chat with Joe Breezy backstage before he hit the stage in front of thousands.


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Guy In Sombrero, Poncho Accused of Train-Surfing On The Commuter Rail

Sure it’s Cinco de Mayo, and we all want to have a little fun, but try not to go overboard like this guy from Worcester who was detained for “surfing” on top of a Worcester-bound MBTA commuter rail train on Saturday.


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With The Help Of Science, Breezy Has Figured Out How To Win Rock, Paper, Scissors! Or Has He?

Thanks to science, Breezy has discovered how to win Rock, Paper, Scissors. Watch as he applies his new-found knowledge to battling his coworkers!

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