Loren's LoDown 4/20/17: Will Smith in Talks for AladdinWill Smith is in talks to be in the live-action Aladdin, Drake is not pressing charges against the woman who broke into his house and Gronk is in an upcoming music video.
TJ's Podcast Thurs 2/2/17: is TJ Whipped?TJ's brother's girlfriend followed TJ on Instagram, why did your teacher get fired, TJ's Street match game and TJ's wife Jess discusses if TJ is whipped.
Loren's LoDown 1/10/17: Good Will Hunting House for SaleThe Good Will Hunting apartment that Matt Damon lived in is for $$$ale, Ed Sheeran didn't even remember writing Bieber's Cold Water and more info about the Kim K robbery suspects is surfacing.
Loren's LoDown: 2/19/16Loren's LoDown: Rihanna postpones her Anti tour, Lady Gaga walks the catwalk in NY Fashion Week and Zayn Malik is accused of plagiarism.
Loren's LoDown: 2/3/16Loren's LoDown: Kanye West backtracks on the "best album of all time" claim, Selena Gomez will quit social media and Lady Gaga is performing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl.
Loren's LoDown: 1/13/16Loren's LoDown: Zayn Malik basically calls 1D liars, Leo DiCaprio talks about having kids and Liam Payne is rapping.
Loren's LoDown: 6/4/15Loren's LoDown: Chris Brown reportedly berates private jet staff, Snoop Dogg calls Bruce Jenner a "science project" and Ellie Goulding explains why she deleted her picture with Katy Perry.
TJ's Family Jam Session for Charlee JaneTJ, his wife Jess and his brother Mike have a blues jam session and create a song for baby Charlee Jane.
Loren's LoDown: 3/2/15#LorensLoDown: Carly Rae Jepsen (Call Me Maybe) is BACK, Justin Bieber rents a private island for his birthday and Kelly Clarkson unknowingly stole from another band.
Loren's LoDown: 2/4/15Loren's LoDown: Beyonce & Jay Z move to LA, Lady Gaga has words of wisdom to Sam Smith and Mila Kunis opens up about baby Wyatt.
Loren's LoDown: 1/14/15Loren's LoDown: Nicki Minaj's ex claims he was treated like an employee instead of a boyfriend, Taylor Swift helps pay off a fan's student loans and Ellen Degeneres tops the list of most-liked TV personalities.
The Truth Chamber with TJ's Brother-in-LawTJ's brother-in-law entered into TJ's "Truth Chamber" where he had to answer all of TJ's (really awkward) questions honestly.

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