TJ's Podcast Wednesday 7/26/17: Producer Matt's Feet for PeteLoren and Charlee Jane communicate on Instagram, Producer Matt's Feet for Pete, Trending today, TJ's Street Match game and Corinne's birthday is coming up.
TJ's Podcast Tuesday 7/25/17: Tantrum TuesdayJustin Bieber canceled his tour, Tantrum Tuesday with Charlee Jane, TJ's Street Match game, What's Your Story?, Therapy with Judah, Jamie got a spider bite & Corinne is back.
TJ's Podcast Thursday 7/20/17: Totally Drama GameTotally Drama game, Peppa Pig is coming to Boston, Loren doesn't want to give up her maiden name, TJ talks to listeners, Corinne is worried about the pool party and TJ pranks his mom.
Loren's LoDown 6/30/17: Selena Gomez Going Country?
TJ's Podcast Wednesday 6/21/17: Charlee Jane Got EmbarrassedProducer Matt on the street, Charlee Jane got embarrassed for the first time, make music day, TJ took Judah around Boston, TJ talks to listeners, a listener asks Loren about her wedding and Corinne's boyfriend surprised her.
TJ's Podcast Mon 4/24/17: Foreign Objects in Your FoodTJ double-posted on Instagram, Producer Matt's Bar Stars, finding foreign objects in your food, TJ's Street Match game, TJ wouldn't date JLo, a dude taste-tested dog food & Corinne is sick.
Corinne Introduces her Bae-BubbsCorinne introduces her "Bae-Bubbs" (her boyfriend) to the TJ Show.
Bachelor Breakdown, Episode 8: The Most Painful Hometowns YetLet's hope Andi can bring some entertainment to the end of this season!
TJ's Brazilian Friend Pranks CorinneTJ's Brazilian friend Eli pranked Corinne.
TJ's Podcast Mon 2/13/17: 2017 Grammys RecapTJ's Street Match game, Grammy's recap, Producer Matt's Bar Stars, TJ tries to teach Loren a lesson, Producer Matt's weekend in NYC and Nick & Corinne are basically high schoolers.
TJ's Podcast Mon 1/30/17: Loren Already Bought her Wedding DressProducer Matt's Bar Stars: TJ is whipped, Loren already bought her wedding dress, TJ's Street Match game and Corinne went on a good date.
Bachelor Breakdown, Episode 4: The Corinne ShowCorinne steals the spotlight once again while everyone else shovels literal poop.

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