TJ's Podcast Thursday 9/21/17: College DonationsNewscaster loses it on his staff, How To Game, Penn State keeps asking Loren for money, Ryan from the Army stops by & TJ's Street Match game.
TJ's Podcast Wednesday 9/20/17: Texting While WalkingTom Brady's book commercial, TJ interviews his wife in the car, Producer Matt calls people out for texting while walking, listener calls, Corinne is bad at recycling, TJ's wife Jess called for help with Charlee and Loren had to avoid her neighbor.
TJ's Podcast 11/28/16: Totally Drama or Totally Made Up GameProducer Matt's Bar Stars, listener calls, Patriots recap, Totally Drama or Totally Made Up game, a Thanksgiving song, TJ Street Match game and Corinne got upset about her old high school friends.
Boston Common Tree is on its WayListener Sarah is vacationing in Canada and saw the Boston Common Christmas Tree on its drive down from Nova Scotia.
Birthday Shout Out for Listener Dave's WifeTJ gives a pretty elaborate birthday shout out to listener Dave's wife Lauren.
TJ's Podcast: Thurs 9/15/16An update on TJ's wife Jess' health, TJ swore at Producer Lyin' Nick, Loren saw Adele last night, listener calls, weird customer service stories, entertaining TJ's grandpa and WBZ News Radio's Joe Mathieu calls the show.
TJ's Podcast: Thurs 6/9/16TJ's Street Match game, TJ thinks birthday are not a big deal, when have you been shady, a listener found Producer Nick on dating apps, Loren and Producer Matt host TJ's on-air birthday party and WBZ News Radio's Joe Mathieu calls the show.
Therapy with Judah: Ticket DramaTJ talks to his 7-year-old nephew Judah about how to deal with a listener who was upset that he gave out a pair of Taylor Swift tickets at random yesterday.
Let's Make A Scene #2TJ and listeners act out awkward situations for a chance to win TJ's old DVD collection.
Let's Make a SceneTJ and listeners act out a scene to see who will win TJ's collection of old DVDs.
Andrew's Underwear DilemmaListener Andrew forgot underwear while changing at the gym this morning and isn't sure if he should stop and get a pair on the way to work, or go commando.
TJ's Lackluster Baby RegistryTJ has no idea what to put on his baby registry, so he needs some help from his listeners.

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