103 Questions: Jake MillerThe "2:00AM In LA" singer stopped by the studio ahead of his show at the Paradise Rock Club.
Boston Venue Guide: Paradise Rock ClubThe Paradise Rock Club plays host to hundreds of bands throughout the year, including many of the biggest new and up-and-coming acts in the industry.
Concert Preview: MKTO at Paradise Rock ClubMKTO are stopping at the Paradise Rock Club on August 6th for their "American Dream" tour. Will Tony and Malcom finally go on their first duck tour?
Concert Preview: Rixton at Paradise Rock ClubCheck out our official concert preview for Rixton's show tonight at Paradise Rock Club!
cAMPus Q&A: BU Students Tell Their Favorite Concert Venues in BostonListen. Experience. Engage. These three words are written on Club Passim’s website and sum up everything a concert-goer should do, no matter who the artist or what the venue. Listen to the music. Experience the ambiance. And engage in the audience. BU students analyze various concert venues around Boston based on their ambience and size.
U Review It: Owl City at the Paradise Rock ClubCheck out our review of Owl City at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, with help from the best sources possible - the fans in attendance!

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