TJ's Podcast Thurs 4/20/17: Corinne Plays Vocab Rehab AgainThe TJ Show shares their weed history, TJ emailed Loren from WROR's Loren & Wally, Corinne plays the Vocab Rehab game again, TJ's Street Match game and Producer Matt's police hat stunt.
Dog with Produce on its HeadCheck out this dog with produce on its head. (We are in LOVE with everything about this.)
Loren's Fake Product: Produce ProtectorLoren asked people in Copley Square to lie for her so that she could make a commercial about the (fake) product, Produce Protector.
Watch This 5-Year-Old Teach You How to Produce a Rap SongThis is how you produce a rap song, according to 5-year-old Jordan.
Annoying Shopping HabitsEvery time TJ goes shopping with his wife Jess, he takes a hundred years to pick out the perfect piece of produce. This annoys Jess (naturally). We talked to listeners who have annoying shopping habits, too.

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