Justin Bieber Calls Drake 'Best Of Our Generation'"More than a rapper, a culture shifter and legend... best of our generation."
Louis Tomlinson Calls Himself 'Forgettable' Member Of One DirectionThe former boy band star is struggling to make a name for himself in the post-One Direction world.
Dillon Francis Explains How 'Say Less' Feat. G-Eazy Came TogetherAfter 18 months of planning, Dillon Francis and G-Eazy recorded 'Say Less' in just one night.
'Would You Rather?' With Dillon FrancisDillon Francis picks Kevin Jonas' solo music over a life of exclusively eating pickles.
Amanda Bynes Was Totally Serious When She Told Drake To 'Murder My Vagina'"I was serious, but I was also on drugs."
Donald Trump Tried Convincing Salma Hayek To Cheat On Her Boyfriend"He's not important. Not big enough for you. You have to go out with me."
The Chainsmokers Are Sorry For Saying Lady Gaga 'Sucks'"I think it came off conceited on my end."
Watch Fifth Harmony Throw Motel Party With Gucci Mane In 'Down' VideoLeave it to the ladies of Fifth Harmony to make a roadside motel look sexy.
Little Mix' Perrie Edwards Bares Scar, Inspires Fans' Body ConfidencePerrie Edwards showed off her scar on Instagram, giving her fans the confidence to do the same.
'Umbrella' 10 Years Later: How A GarageBand Loop Put Rihanna On The MapHow a stock loop on Apple's music production software spawned one of the biggest hits of last decade.
Boston Calling's Growing Pains: Long Lines, Overflowing Garbage, And Overlapping Sets"At night's end, the shuffle of feet had coalesced all the wayward cans into mini rivers of Miller Lite filling the divots in the rain-soaked ground."
Miley Cyrus Claims She Inspired Katy Perry's 'I Kissed A Girl'Either Miley or Katy is lying.

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