Therapy with Judah: Thanksgiving Turkey

TJ talks to his 7-year-old nephew, Judah, about bringing a live turkey to Thanksgiving dinner.

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Ten Minutes of TJ: Tues 11/25/14

Ten minutes of today’s show: a young listener uses no filter to tell TJ what she thinks of his picture, yesterday’s Demi Lovato news went viral, TJ has an idea for Judah about Thanksgiving, WBZ gives a heads up about tomorrow’s snow & Loren is better at Instagram now.

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The Positive Side of the Snow Storm

WBZ-TV’s Danielle Niles calls into the TJ Show to tell us when it’s best to travel tomorrow, while WBZ-AM’s Joe Mathieu tells us why snow is awesome.

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5 Quick Things to Bring to Thanksgiving Dinner

Oh no, you have to bring something to Thanksgiving dinner! No worries, we’ve got 5 quick and easily solutions.

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Celebrities We’re Thankful For

We don’t often talk about celebs who have been well-behaved, but this Thanksgiving, we appreciate these stars who are genuinely good people.


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9 Ways to Survive Thanksgiving With Your Family Without Going Crazy

Thanksgiving is one of the most exciting days of the year. It’s also one of the best times for your family to drive you crazy. Here’s how to get through Thanksgiving without losing your sanity, while enjoying all the good parts.


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5 Great Autumn Drinks To Try This Thanksgiving

Any one of these concoctions is all but guaranteed to be a hit at whatever party you find yourself at over the long weekend. Of course, we remind you to please drink responsibly.



How To Host The Perfect “Friendsgiving”

Thanksgiving is typically a time for family to get together around the dining room table and give thanks. But the fourth Thursday in November doesn’t have to be your only turkey feast, or even with your family. That’s because your friends can be like family, too. This year, gather your favorite people together and create a new tradition by splurging on food and drink, all while feasting with friends, with kids or without.



Should You Go To Your High School Reunion?

If you’re coming up on a 5 or 10 year reunion this Thanksgiving, here are some things to consider when deciding if you really want to go.


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Things You Should Think About When Bringing Someone Home for the Holidays

Have you been considering bringing your new boyfriend or girlfriend home this holiday season? Are you meeting the parents for the first time? Here are some tips on how to decide if the time is right, and what to do if it is.




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