TJ's Podcast Friday 10/13/17: Friday the 13th!Friday the 13th, peanut butter slices are a thing, listener calls, TJ's Street Match game, Loren accuses strangers of farting and the Boston Athenaeum.
TJ's Podcast Wednesday 10/11/17: Producer Matt's Baby TalkTJPR: date night investigation, Producer Matt's Baby Talk, TJ's friend Seth met Big Papi, TJ's Street Match game, Loren is getting acupuncture, Loren gave TJ her iPhone password and Corinne saw her brother's girlfriend who she doesn't like.
TJ's Podcast Tuesday 10/10/17: Tantrum TuesdayTJ loves rotisserie chicken, Tantrum Tuesday with Charlee Jane, an iPhone made a woman blind, TJ's Street Match game, Therapy with Judah, Producer Matt won't sell his SNES and Corinne got flowers from a listener.
The TJ Show: Loren's Wedding Sendoff
Lior Meets her Idol, Bruce Springsteen, ShoppingTJ & Loren's friend Lior was shopping in NYC the other day when she ran into her idol, Bruce Springsteen.
TJ Discusses his Son's FuneralTJ discusses his son Luca's funeral.
Qveen Herby on the TJ ShowQveen Herby (AKA Amy Noonan, formerly of Karmin) calls the TJ Show to give her first radio interview regarding her new solo project.
Selena Gomez's Aunt Posts The Worst Pictures Of Her On Social MediaNot only does she have to keep an eye for her mother's posts, but her aunts as well!
TJ Addresses his Family's LossUnfortunately TJ and his wife Jess lost their baby, Luca, last week. They discussed it on the show today.
WBZ's Ryan Kath Investigates Credit Card Fraud
Farewell to WBZ's Joe MathieuTJ and Loren bid farewell to WBZ News Radio 1030's Joe Mathieu.
TJ's Podcast Weds 4/19/17: Tim the Web Guy Redeems Himself After Yelling at TJProducer Matt's Breath for Seth charity, Tim the Web Guy joins the TJ Show after yelling at TJ, Therapy with Judah and TJ's Street Match game.

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