TJ's Podcast Wednesday 9/20/17: Texting While WalkingTom Brady's book commercial, TJ interviews his wife in the car, Producer Matt calls people out for texting while walking, listener calls, Corinne is bad at recycling, TJ's wife Jess called for help with Charlee and Loren had to avoid her neighbor.
Loren's LoDown 9/20/17: Kevin Hart Extortionist Holding Noon Press ConferenceKevin Hart's extortionist is scheduled for a noon press conference, Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP is selling Psychic Vampire Repellent (bahahaha WTF?) and Mariah Carey reportedly screws a philanthropic choir out of cash.
Loren's LoDown 7/20/17: Seacrest Coming Back for IdolRyan Seacrest is officially coming back for Idol, Kanye gifts a paralyzed fan Yeezys and Sandra Bullock is coming to a Netflix movie.
TJ Addresses his Family's LossUnfortunately TJ and his wife Jess lost their baby, Luca, last week. They discussed it on the show today.
Loren's LoDown 5/15/17: Katy Perry Announces TourKaty Perry announces her upcoming tour, Drake chaperones his cousin's prom & Kevin Hart is expecting a baby boy!
REVEALED: Are TJ & Jess Having a Boy or a Girl?!TJ and his wife Jess reveal whether they're having a boy or girl!
Loren's LoDown 3/21/17: Nicki Minaj Breaks Aretha's RecordNick Minaj breaks Aretha Franklin's record, George Clooney surprises a nursing home and Ed Sheeran announces James Blunt as his opener.
TJ's Podcast Thurs 2/2/17: is TJ Whipped?TJ's brother's girlfriend followed TJ on Instagram, why did your teacher get fired, TJ's Street match game and TJ's wife Jess discusses if TJ is whipped.
Loren's LoDown 2/1/17: Grammys Performers AddedThe Weeknd is added to the Grammys performances lineup, Johnny Depp spends $30k a month on wine and Gaga is starring in Tiffany & Co's first-ever Super Bowl ad.
Producer Matt's Bar Stars: TJ is Whipped (1/30/17)Producer Matt hits the bars at closing time to talk to the drunk people and turn them into Bar Stars. These guys think TJ is whipped.
DJ Tone Terra on the TJ ShowDJ Tone Terra stops by the TJ Show bright and early in the morning to chat about his career path.
Charlee is Going to be a Big Sister!TJ hops into the shower with his wife Jess for the final shower interview of 2016 and reveals some pretty. awesome. news.

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